Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Tips

No tips to buy any stocks is a good sign. Why? That's mean your are now can close your eye and pick it. As you wish as you can.

No tips mean everyone fear and do not wants to buy. So, you can have some better offer.

Warren Buffet very lucky own a long life. Otherwise when cococola price shut up times. he has been pass away. Today some one could be replaced him.

Warren Buffet lucky during his set up the investment portfolio he was never faced short of cash to enjoy his normal life. Otherwise, he must sell it off for living.

Warren Buffet have enough money during his sick time and never fall serious illness. Otherwise, he must sell off his holding stocks to pay doctor fees. So, be a second Warren Buffet, first condition is you must have long life in your journey. Not like those people said, you must pick the shares under his theory.

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