Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are You Trying to Bully Me???

A politician told media reporter, Everyone now trying hard to bully him because he had appointed his son be Deputy Minister. In fact, if someone bully me as such way. I do not mind. He was gave several reasons told reporter. Such appointment is correct and fair. Whoever criticizer on it that bring discrimination on him or has attach some specific agenda.

If the explanation acceptable by above reasons. That is because in that society have no more capable or suitable person. So, he is no choice and force to do such way. But referring on it, someone have good experience been kick off by this restructuring of cabinet. So, is that someone really want to bully him?? That is big big question.

On the some time, that person who holding big funds/power in hand and can receive good benefit from ordinary people telling us his is getting bully by us. That is ridiculous. He should tell us he has such power to do that without any reference. Maybe more reasonable and acceptable.

Use population funds to appoint someone his like it. That is misuse of power and indirect telling us, "we are all stupid". Please do not forget, appointment on him just a group of people. That is not enough and unofficial. He has not certifying by population of Malaysia. Please be careful on his word before made such comments. If he feel confident on such appointment. He should ask that person resign the Parliament seat and face a challenge against. He should able to understand "Is that people really want to bully him?" No only him, all cabinet's minister should go arround Malaysia and obtain such certificate to approve. No like now, one person say so and keep on telling us " He has done the correct choice". That is bully us and waste nationality resources by unreasonable way. Some more ask us should accept it by way of silent. That is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That above case told us, Malaysia now stepping into unreasonable corner. So that SC and Bursa allow Kenmark continue trading although well know that is bankrupt. The earning and business of Kenmark is negative. So allow its can continue trading indirectly encourage investors collect rubbish in hand. So, how to attract good investors put more confident on Malaysia market.

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