Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Tycoon control all benefits

Kenmark gave a chance to some riches man. They had used this opportunity to corner the shares and make a big gain on that. This is all SC fault becuase if there take action suspended the trading immediately, that were not happen.

So, whoever sold it out during the down trend had sufferred the big lose. It was created the unfair trading circumtance in this case. Law should imposed that the management been took over by lender or BOD members lose the controlling with big outstanding loan, That should immediately suspend until the new proposal been adopted. New holders should deal with major shareholder directly follow by immediately announcement instead of grab all minority benefit with unusual trading. After all excersive been closed deal and done , thats's only allow the said company to re open trading again in the public market.

Otherwise, some big tycoon use this opportunity to collect and manipulate the price. Bankers lose by margin call, minor shareholders confuse by all transaction.

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