Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup effects

World Cup in this month brings everybody attention on it. If you based on the history record, it was showed that in the special season. Most of the market in the world shown declined. It was an alert on that but can not 100% trusted.

Now, the sport game attracted a lot of big corporations invest on it. The more commercial issue attached on it. The more artificial issue inside the game. People would claimed those company lost the advertisement right in that game as second class corporation. It will affect those corporation lost big contract or less people buying thier products in the future.

Come back to shares investment. Which shares or corporate we should invest after these World Cup festival? In Malaysia, your are lose this opportunities on that because most of the companies listed in Bursa not yet qualify yet. So, go back to Malaysia Fundamental issue is more realistic. Just like our politician now busy on topic of legalise on Football betting Lincese. That is not big deal. As I also mentioned before, not one force another one used in hand knife to kill people. But you are cannot stop people to use as equipment to carry on yours normal life. They are not busy to help develop more international company. They are just happy someone put them in world number ten but never study why we lose some previlage status in the past 20 years. So, everyone knows Malaysia export talent people and import low class resident to help developing our country. Our media also happy on that and continues support them to write such stupid topic to bring or divert attention of most of the ordinary people. Like our sugar license issue, showing a good show "A pirate of the carabean fight with the theft." Why they never think about how to improve our education system ot transportation systme to improve our quality of life? Why they are not bring people attention on someone trying continues claim 67% of our income?

So that football gambling license if everyone thinks that is bad game, I think they should suggest cancel the football game in the world? Perhaps that is the ultimate solution to stop everyone continue blame each others. If there is a case, maybe one day we should cancel or bar someone to watch TV. Or maybe finally we will blame why we got electricty supply. That is cute and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Share market could not performance well by the above issues. Because the basic needs of the people totally ignore by certain group of people. especially they are holding a big power on that. If they are continues playing such game, finally most of the resources spend on that to support them. When one day Malaysian short of resources, maybe we have to survive like past 20 years ago. On that time, we should name ourselve is "NATION" or "SAKAI" again. That is a time we should more understand what is the meaning of "NATION". So, whoever need 67% of it should name it as " NATI". that is represented about 67% of word of Nation. The balance of it should name it as "ON". HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Char Koay Teow Uncle said...

haha...Malaysia export talent, import low class resident to develop the nation..i like this phrase..haha...n is funny....feel free to visit my blog..