Thursday, May 27, 2010

11 Jumps in Foxconn

Malaysia share market had fall down 9 days. Is it will be same as Foxconn company in China have 11 staffs jump down and died. Of course, this is a serious topic. No comment on that and hard to use it as to compare and discuss at here.

I am remember when I was a superior in one company. Sometime I am selfish and tough. Some info I do not want to disclose although that is not so important. So, if corporate listed at public market have such attitude. However and finally have big lose all are ordinary people.

So, today In Sing Chew, an article said every corporate should quitely plan ahead and settle all proble under cover, it will speed up the deal. He further claimed that Maxis and Astro boss did a good deal and speed up the transaction. In my opinion, that is bullshit. Why?

Actualy, That above 2 company owned the monopoly business in Malaysia and the premium was paid higher than market value, it was reasonable. So, on the other hand, if you wants plan to buy over one company with full competition market. It hard to identify the market price and hardly to identify the future. The core business totally difference and hard to use it as compare.

So, the article writer aim for eery deal should well plans ahead before the disclose, it is totally disclimation on minority interest. The market info should disclose early and all funds manager should table out own opinion to every unit holder, why they reject or accept it. The time cost should be fixed at normal time and the info should up todate.

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