Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Golden opportunity

After two days adjustment on top volume traded stocks. Today those stocks had finally found the support. Although UEMLand still bad but others just ignore it and run on own way. Tomorrow is a good day for everybody if today you have bought some stocks.

Of course, after big lose I already trade by caution. My selection are Time, Hovid and Emico. However, reader must claimed that such stocks did not have good fundamental. But I am a speculator, I do not care about the company background just hope the shares got trading margin.

I am believe today adjustment have bring fear to someone. I am ready early morning jump in and buy the above said stocks. Hope can gain some profit. Now, I am in difficult position because the stupid broker has restricted buy in more.

As a speculator always is a big contributor to broker but they eye vision is limited. They always said I never parking in any share to them. But please do not forget, such holders trade at minimum and contribute them litter money. Speculator giving them a good fees and good turnover.

Furthermore they had scarify our buying right when market have small adjustment. They claimed that we should not buying and keep on asking payment. I am experience on that recently, although i am prompt payment with settle on following day. They also stop me buying. They hope for no risk on their business. Hence, he is better go back school as a teacher rather than be a broker.

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