Sunday, July 19, 2009

If bought in at Jan 09

If you had bought in equity at share market and hold it until today. You have multiple you gain and capital. Of course, any adjustment on it you must be patient. Perhaps you had did it but unfortunately sold it too early.

As a Human being, we are hardly learn the same skill like Warrent Buffet. Because he has long life and during such period he bought in, he had enough fund in hand. Like me, during 2006 Digi and Spsetia are my priority selected share to buy in but that time I do not have single cents in hand.

Back to history and talk about it brings more regret. Perhaps dreams can bring you happy but could not bring you any success. Navy and imagination always attached in my mind. Its giving me another energy to move on. Otherwise, there is no more fun to buy in and speculating.

Middler East countries and China now full of demand on finance equitment and seems like a leader bring world economic back to stable. Recently Iran plans to build up own infrastructure to meet the basic requirment. So, the arguement is whether comodities demand is the boost of the future economic or basic internal demand of the country is more important.

Oil, gas and steel become next world economic tempature to identify the basic economic direction. I believe wall steet people now thinking to come out more CDS CDO or CDB on comodities to replace house and properties. That is another war.

By the way, please set a rule to control it otherwise the economic war will turn it to real war.

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