Thursday, July 23, 2009

Market has some Changed

When you are analysis today move, you can found KLSE equity market has some changes. Last 8 days ago, although market index move but second and third line counter at 11am and 3pm coming down. Today it has changed.

So, Is it a signal of penny stocks come back? That need another day to confirm it. Of course, no risk no gain. Hence, I am propose buy in EMICO, Dataprep-WB and Frontkn.

Please observe the above counter before jump in. DJ had broke 8877, need 2 days to confirm whether it can broke 260 MAV. If there is a reach that level and finally break it. DJ will see 11,500, otherwise market may face heavy adjustment.

Bad indicator is gold price also has some rally, this is unusual. Please analysis it before jump into equity market.

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古小玉 said...

I missed the boat again. I don't have the money to invest and not dare to play contra. Now market up so much,difficult to gain.