Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why Ramunia Postpone the deal again?

Why? Recently najib had an announcement about our local listed companies. He proposed that big companies should prof on one sector instead of have multi line of business. So, I have a small little imagination on that.

Sime Eng will join into listing of UMW's gas and oil business. They maybe also use the Ramunia and UMW 's gas and oil business together for new IPO. UMW will acquire all vehicle business from Sime as exchange. That is an advantage for both company as well as fulfil Najib's plan.

Foregin Fund manager always claimed that our big companies business non prof and hardly to identify the risk, turnover and profit margin. So, GLC companies at KLSE become complex and non attractive to them.

The information from Najib's brother had delivered to him. This is first step and second step will encourage foreigner open a research office at Malaysia for investment. Hence, the 30% quote has removed.

Ramunia holders will gain more profit because automatic enjoy the new IPO share as excahnge and the price is better than Sime Eng's unquote shares. It is also may use Ramunia as listing vehicle(back door listing) by UMW's gas and oil business for new IPO. Three parties enjoy the benefit together. If I am a CEO of both of them, this is my plan.

I also hope GLC companies fast restructure their core business to meet current status of investment requirement. So, that is a begginning step we can meet the speculators from oversea and learn some skill from them.

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