Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Move at KLSE Equity Market

Today KLSE equity market in the morning closed off high. Normally this situation encourage me jump in to trade. Honestly, I do not have any holding position. So, it can called me stupid trader. Equity market unpredictedable like wheather as well as like charactered of human being. Is it really I missed the boat? Soon, market will telling you.
I have admitted wrong prediction on these 2 days move on KLSE equity market but I am still insist stay away from that. because: -
a) My data in hand on US DJ still negative
b) I assume that this rally short and fast.
c) Others comodities price do not given me any positive direction, which also showing negative trend on that.
e) One factor happen on certain stock bring others stock follow the trend.
d) Good factors do not join up together.
Unless the above has change in the coming days. Otherwise, I am prefer stay away for while. Maybe after this week, more data will appearing for me to futher analysis. That maybe can convince me jump in.
During this few weeks, my blog view by some Arabian people. Of course, I am always welcome them visit me. On the same time, I am dreaming they are rich people and employ me be their advisor to trade for them.
Dream !!!! Dream!!!! Dream!!!!

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