Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Low volume market and Need big fund by me!!!!!!!

This few days a lot of investors claimed that they will stop buying anymore. Because those days no one stock giving them a surprise. Myself also continues lose again. I am still remember somewhere in Jan 09. I am lose about 12k, but after that i make about 3 or 4 times of 12k. Now I am lose about 50k, but I am believe soon I will make back 200k.

That is a dream, but that is possible. Because equity market rule is like that. No one can take away all but some one must left somethings behind. Maybe you are saying this is bullshit. Let us imagine, unless market like 2008, the fundamental is spoilt. Otherwise one day it will be back. If you are dare and continue support, it wont fail you.

That is nothing concern about the holding power. If the said stocks everybody had holding power, it will not move up more. Like those stocks, Orient, Digi and Tanjong etc.......Holding power just happen on one situation, that is everybody pull each other leg together.

I am hardly looking a fund support me to be a full time player. Furthermore I am going to retrench by company soon. If someone interested join me be partner I am welcome. Haha, Just dream just dream.

Actually my plan is simple, just require about 300k and aim for one year earn 300k. Needed such money because I do not wants to use remiser limit to trade, because they always stop me buying.

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