Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Private Equity Fund never offer?

The penny stocks now going downward. It is hardy have any support because the buying interest reduce sharply. These trend will spread over to heavy weighted stocks and bring such index adjust heavily.

I am looking about 300k to 500k funds to support me when the signal of rally coming. Why private equity fund never offer me, although I am willing pay them 12%pa margin interest plus 14.6% profit gain sharing. I think better than they offer a deal with low return.

Private Equity Fund full of cash. If they willing invest here, they only take out about 100k USD. The said sum is less than 0.0001% of their total funds. They should engage more speculators like me as an instrument. Like bank, they offer HP loan to 1,000 people, the doubtful chance is little. Rather than offer a big loan to a borrower and join a high risk with big tycoon.

A small fly like us, worry the bankruptcy because of small funds. As such, We will more caution to trade and minimise the lose for them. Furthermore, they no need give me money on that, just allow me trade on behalf of them and charge me accordingly if there is a holding cost on that. I am not interested on their money and not even want the said funds holding by me. They easily control such deal by overwrite me at anytime. Of course, they should follow my instruction to buy in at anytime at any stocks.

However, that is a hard deal. Because they not even know me and they prefer employ those with HIGH Qualify people from Wall street. But, please do not forget. Last year crisis was created by them, but that period I was never get any hurt on that and run it faster than them.

At last, speculator should avoid playing market at now. Unless you are allow to short sell it. I am predict Market adjusted like rocket again and every level going to break easily. I do not know what is the day market rally can come back.

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