Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I did in the KLSE equity Market?

Today, when I reached office and on the computer. I found Samchem done at lower price and I just ignore it. As normal, I was gone to index link counter and starting study on it. Suddenly in the second page top volume counter, Samchem started its move. I had immediately took action and bought in at 90 cents. After that within a 10 minutes time, I had succeed sold it by difference price at 935 and 955.

On 3.oo pm, equity market sudden registered lose and the volatile of their trading. I was observed the top volume trading page. At 3.45pm, there was an opportunity again for me. I had immediately decided bought in Samchem at 89.5 and plan to sell it off at 9.25. Within a 1 minutes time, the said stocks move to 92 and 92.5. My deal closed it at 92.

If you asking me, Which sentiment on the market I am prefer? I would said "While sentiment is mixed move or slide line, I am prefer." Because such situation giving me a chance to well know the individual counter support and resistance line. So, in future any activities happen on such stocks. I will know better and reduce my risk on that.

Like today, I was found Ramunia _WA successful broke the resistance at 34.5. Is it a signal to climb up. Let us study it or mayby try buying it on next day.

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