Wednesday, July 22, 2009


KLSE going to merge the second board with main board. Those good fundamental second board counter will attract some buying interest. In order to join the happy rally on that. Those speculating stocks also may given you a good profit. Like Emico and Dataprep.

Why choose Dataprep-wb because its going to expired. This is a good chance for major shareholders/management accumulated more funds to invest into company. So, they might purposely push the price of mother counter to attract investors buy in the warrant and then excersive on it at cost of 25 cents.
DJ had broke 8877 points on yesterday. The next move is breaking the 260 moving average points. It was given all good indicator to buy in now. But I am still watching because of limited trading credit.
Whoever still have holding index counter just patient a bit until DJ next performance. If coming 3 days DJ do not broke the 260 MAV, please realise some stocks in hand. Otherwise, you might face uncertain adjustment on it.

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