Sunday, July 12, 2009

Need big Funds

Overall market full of cash and rich people, but maybe i am no luck to meet them. Since I was young, all effort must do it by my own. That is a miracle in the world, but it couldn't happen on my life.

Equity market always deliver a miracle, so that I am searching for it. In view of trading, I have learn some special skill on it. It has deliver some miracle but could not hold it long. That was happen a problem when trading in smooth. That was out of control by me. That is market force.

I am always ready to accept a big funds and share my skill to whoever need some special gain. Until today, that is miracle and impossible.

Next 45 days is a darkness day for all investors. KLSE equity market and Asia pacific market will facing an adjustment. That is a heavy adjustment, market full of panic and hit below you support level.

I am believe market full of Private Equity fund, Why they are never come to him? Maybe they wont gain much but at least can minimise their lose.

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