Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Must Make Money and Donate

Warrent Buffet very lucky on his life. When he had found a stock, that time he has money in hand. My luck just opposite with him, when I wanted buy in. I do not have money. Share investment need right timing to do the right pick. If you miss you are forever lose. So, ask anyone donate money when make money from investment is hard.

If you hold some stocks, down or up you deserve it. But overall market up do not 100% reflected on you holding stock. You also need to accept it.

This 3 weeks I have face hate by my friends. They start lose confident on me because I use to give them a wrong stocks to buy in. But they forgetten, while I pick a right one they never award me. I am understand that is normal human being. As I always mention, I am not God and not manipulated on said share. I just base on in hand information inform them what is the next move on particular share.

Friendly speaking, I am also lose on it. Who can I blame too? They have zero fees to taken away my info but they won't paid my losing time.

Talking about Donation I use to buy food for old man when I see them hang around the Hawker stall but I won't give them any cent. I just think let them enjoy the food and deliver them a note "life is meaningful by full stomach."

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