Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Signal

Equity Markets in the world all shown positive sign on that. Its hardly to say any storm will destroy it. In the KLSE, most of second and penny stocks did not run well,. So, it wasn't attract more investors interested buy in.

Index shown brighten but small player prefer to stay out for while. Like me still watching and did not hold any position in hand. At home just dream about some one support me be a trader.

If we wants to jump in to market. Must wait the index run about 30 points more. Its only will brings some penny stock follow the trend.

Next week, index will consolidate for one or two days and will continue move again. Hope i can join in fast. Last few days, has a joke among of my friends, they said if stockname tell buy in better stay off, if stockname said down quickly jump in buying.

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