Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad situation

Some investors panic when market has a litter adjustment. But, to identify it is small or light adjustment always difficult. In the market, when you are really take part on it. You can feel some fear, it was derived from the surrounding data as well as the volume been done.

I have accumulated some fears data. Now, try share with you are. There are -
a) New shares listed at KLSE bursa with open high closed low performance.
b) US market going to hit below 8,000 and challenge 7800.
c) Commodities break strong support
d) USD strong
e) Regional market weak and no direction.

If above factors accumulated and continue in the 5 days time. It would bring heavy adjustment on whole world equity market. That is an excuse but may become as a fact.

I am continue watching every moment of transaction done. On the same time, seraching funder support me continue this game. I do not want like last month situation. Out of sudden, all purchase order cut off with not enough limit by remiser.

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