Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why KLSE market everyday up so much?

I found a forum talking about this topic. Actually market up or down just base on direction. Like last year, everyday you and me saw market everyday come down. Its does not surprise by any investor. Because market only performance at 2 direction, that is either up or down.

Just like you travel form east to west or west to east. Of course, some people like to use South way to east or North way to west. It was caused difficult and complex. I have never asked Why Market Everyday Up So Much? Because I am aware the share price have 2 directions only. It is up or down.

Actually, shares price can continue up 3 days or 3 days did not move at all. It also can down one day or up one day. There is a lot of possible. So, I do not waste time on that. In Malaysia, short sell on equity is prohibited and you only can do one direction. Buy in and wait its up.

Actually, I am also predicted wrong on last weeks. Its signal was turn up trend happen on Wednesday 11am. If you missed the chance, this rally for you is a tough game. So, I am prefer stay away and merely watching on it. Every single changing on that is important. That is not right time for you join in this rally. Just wait and patient.

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