Thursday, July 16, 2009


Everybody knowing that middle East Countries full of cash. Our government also aim on that funds can help us develop. So, Islamic fund and Islamic Bank is Malaysia's main finance policy. But, we are not enough intelligent people or skill people to convince them bring money into country.

Our education policy and others policies brought people hardly free trading at here. Everytime you created something, someone plans to take away. So, skill people jump to Taiwan and Hong Kong. One become a pen drive manufacturer or pioneer at Taiwan. Another one is HKStock Exchange CEO. Malaysia is born place for two of them, but just sent them earn money for others countries.

I am gald to see some people from middler East countries enjoy my post at here. But I am not super skill as those professional. Of course, if they wants me work for them by higher pay. Maybe I will consider.

Friendly speaking I am not suitable working for some one because I am lazy and bad attidute. My own point of view hardly accept by others. Like these days, I am recommend stay away. It was totally brought people lose a chance to gain money. Is it a good analysis on share investment? No, Definitely not.

I am born at poor family. I am always aware that me, hardly seeks any recommendation by someone. Everythings you must hard working than someone only can get some return. So, seeking some resources to support own dream is impossible.

In the share market, most of the company same like me. They totally ignore by investors to buy them. So, some smart and powerful people use to set some rule and control it. They manipulate some shares to enjoy the profit. Like today, KLSE future market shut up about 30 points by some one controlling play on certain stocks. Is that a fair game? No, that is not.

Due to the above, I am happy be a speculator in the market. Recently, as I say I do not want people control my limit to trade. That is a reason I seeking some good partner to trade together.
That concept is simple, I selling my skill and they provide that ground of trading.

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