Monday, July 20, 2009

If US DJ break 8877 points

If US DJ in the coming day break this year higher, What is happenning? Actually the 260 moving average more important than this level. If coming day US DJ break the 260 day moving average level, the 20% of rally will start and run higher than what you are expect.
Current status of KLSE equity rally on giant and index link stocks. Small player hard to earn money on that. Rich investors will continue enjoying the capital gain. Like me just only can stand outside and watching the rally.
Thus, that is a reason why i need to invite rich partner join me. On this rally, you must have enough funds and strong account to purchase. Remiser will worry on this move, because they view is limited.
Some stocks left behind these rally, like genting and Gen malaysia (resort) and UMW. Penny stocks must wait another 20 points only can start the move. Of course investors would said, market already run about 60 points. It must have a small adjustment on it. Is it True????

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