Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Earn Money

Market now drift at one level, it could not give you any surprise. I have a plan, if can accumulated about 300k now, next round the profit is about 500k.

My plan is offer funder at margin account interest to him. I just give an instruction to him and allow me trade about 300k value stock. Example, buying 100k at now. If T+ 3 days not selling, he help to pick up. During holding time, if any deficit incurred on such stocks. He can cut it if I never pay him the difference on 3 days time to top up as purchase level.

What is he gain from him? If such stocks gain, he should eligible received 14.6% on total gain. Based on this calculation. If I gain about 100k in one month and I have been full utilised the 300k, he will received 3k + 14.6k = 17.6k per month. If during a month, I am not gain anything and fully utilised the funds at 300k, he will received 3k and holding the 300k value of stocks in his account.

The above idea derived from recently I have face remiser trading limit is out. So that, if i trade use some support fund, it would not stop me buying at bad time. That is win win situation to those funder with placement his capital at deposit without knowledge at shares.

I have never remove his fund out from his pocket as well as minimise his risk. I am using my skill to earn money and he is my boss.

If I failed him anytime, he just sell the said share immediately to reduce the loss and chasing me money.

Is it this idea can work???? I do not know, but pray from god someone can join me. Especially now is a bad time on share market, is a good time start planning and accumulated some stock to enjoy the coming rally.


古小玉 said...

Who is him?

stockname said...

That is my plan, looking a funder with full cash in hand. So, maybe is him or her.

Anonymous said...

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