Thursday, July 16, 2009

Storm after a Bright Day

As a speculator, aim for some comfortable field to trade. I do not like those day rally. Because it seems like go to casino playing at 3 times only. If you are a "god" and jump in shares market bought in at Monday. Then sold it today morning. You might have a good profit.

I do not like to play like that. Furthermore if i have such skill i will prefer go to casino gambling. Usually I am select those data shown in positive and that time world market should not have more influence on KLSE equity market. I only start to trade and speculating. Hence, I only concentrate on specific stock movement to decide my purchase.

A lot of people laughing on me on these days. They further claimed that I am stupid and mislead them stop buying. Friendly speaking, actually they also do not have any guidance at all. If they trust me means that they do not have own skill trading. So, if I am stupid they are worst than me.

On my own theory, market life is longer than me. It wont die. So, as long as you have life you always can jump in anytime. One or two misplace do not hurt you and me. As far as you can escape from storm, you are safe and steady.

In the environment theory after the sunny day, the horrible storm will arrive. If my in hand data is correct. The storm is in the next corner. So, let me lose the chance at this period of time and enjoying my negative direction. Maybe I am wrong but I won't lose.

In addition, I found someone use ARAB as surname wrote some note at my chatbox. If he is a professional man, I believe he won't just leave a msg at there and simply said going to pump in money to me. He must have a proper channel find me out. Furthermore he had never read my plans wrote at here. So, how to be my partner???????

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