Friday, July 24, 2009


Funny, my blog now become a financial center. Someone offer loan and someone needed some loan. Actually, cash or money required by us is unlimited. Today you might need 300k, tomorrow you may need 1 million. On my opinion, there is not so urgent on that, because without money you also can't died immediately.

I also need 300k to set up my own investment profolio. But I must proof it to investors. Base on my background, that is difficult. Sometime is not your porfolio did not perform but it is need time to proof it. Usually, investors do not have more patient on that. They prefer good return in the short period of time.

US DJ finally on yesterday broke the 9080 260 days MAV. But unfortunely it could not stood above that level. So, it may cause dangerous level to investors. Because if it has second time hit that level and turn down again at closing. Its automatic become a strong resistance.

KLSE equity did not given any surprise to small player and Bursa created more "tick place" to enjoy more cleaning fees. It does not help investors easy monitor and force investors wasting time to wait for the break even level because brokerage remain unchange.

This is a style of Malaysia authority. Always and purposely create more problem to population althought that is a simple matter. By the way, we are no choice and its has automatic kick more investors out from the market.

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