Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Day

Finally I had found UEMland support. Today lower was 1.32 and previous lower was 1.28. So, the next support is about 1.36. If next adjustment coming, investors can try buying at this level. After 4 days consolidated, KLSE equity market has created a strong base. It was gave an advantage to holder and if holder apply a 9 step strategy to buy one stock. He will gain a lot.

What is 9 steps? Fisrt he bought in at 1.00 at 2 lots, second he bought in 92 at 4 lots . Third he bought in at 86 8 lots. Forth he bought in at 80 16 lots and then................................

If he had used this theory and the said shares do not have any bad news apply on it. When the market rebound to his first bought in price. He will gain pletty of money.

I am not a rich man. So, I have only can use own skill to looking the support. Now, I am trying monitor few stocks and concentrate on its. If someone lend me 1 million, maybe next year I can give him back by 20% profit, because I will use 9 steps to monitor few stocks. Haha! Just dream.

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