Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KLSE Equity Rally Day

30 index link counter at KLSE perform wild again. It was hit above 1160 points again at 10.30am. Speculators have been kick off by this rally because most of the counter need 5 days adjustment. Whoever playing contra automatic kick off.

Such rally brings me more fear because the durable comodities ( Gold, Silver) did not have any adjustment to support equity market continue has a good move. Today Genm hit above 2.93, it was confirm strong and steady move. But this is because due to adjusted its price to meet index point.

Recently, others index link has broke new high and now Genm follow the step. A lot of people ask me which stock can buy. I have give a warning to them. Immediately out from market because the technical issue would not apply on this rally. Like KNM has broke 89.5 but just showing a good volume but didn't give you any profit. Like US DJ broke 260 days MAV but hanging around at that level.
I am hoping I am wrong but if I am right at this round, market will face big trouble. For me I have set Middle of August is a turning point and would give me a clear picture on their move.

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