Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hard !

Chose shares at KLSE equity market is difficult at now. Our local analyst like to adust the target price when market is up. They won't follow the company quarterly result to identify it. They also hardly based on specific industrial to identify it. So, if investors follow the report to buy in, it will hurt.

Maybe they have the good report but it was hide it for specific person to read. So, finally ordinary investors just guess and simply wasting the funds in hand. Local reporter just join in the party and trying convince reader together. For identify my word above, you just pick up March and April paper compared with current report. It can highlighted the big difference on the target price which was written by same group of people.

So, we are all playing by them and trusted them would not buy any shares at end of March 09. I think I am not cheating by them and done a lot of transaction at that period. Thus, as a speculator, i should own a certain specific way to monitor the movement of the shares price. Of course, that will guarantee myself 100% win but at least I would not spend/waste my resources on such people's stupid report. I am loss on own idea instead of loss on listening.

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