Thursday, June 4, 2009

TM, TM-CI, Resort-CH, CI and Johan

KLSE equity market today open low and closed at high. Most of the index counter steady. Penny stocks started its rally again at 4pm. But new members had join in this party.

A lot of investors scare and worry in the morning. I received several call and warns me stay away. But I am still insist the rally has gone to index counter. So, my stocks in hand is difference from previous.

However, if i am predicted wrong. I will facing a big big loss. I wouldn't think about hold it if registered negative on my holding because I am speculator.

Due date is coming soon. But I am waiting the result. Of course I won't tell directly at here. But the stocks list of my holding will show out at here for your reference.

Stocks In hand : - Resort, Resort-CH and CI, Silver-wa, Johan, TM and TMCI

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nicermannson said...

Hi mr speculator,
your johan needs rest for a few more day - has it been at this level for 20 days.
good luck.