Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resort, SMI, Hovid and Hovid-WA

A lot of investors do not like Genting acquired the Macau Casino stake. In my opinion, they had did the right decision because if there is not such financial crisis happen. The cost of investment for such deal must be difficult and expensive.

So, if I am an investors I would not disappointed that and such news encourage me invest more on it. But I am a speculator and yet hold any shares although I am happy on the deal. Hence, today I was selected Resort to play contra. Hope can deliver me some gain.

Some people will doubtful on KLSE equity performance. Because they had enjoying the profit last month by way of chasing stocks. Why this round hard to do that?

Actually, they should noted currently player in the market more powerful than previous. They always buying by certain price range and stop buying after that. So, contra player hard to earn money on that. If you chase you may face force selling with negative on due date.

When I started again on 19 may 2009, same problem I had faced. Now I have to change strategy and buy in during such stocks registered negative. So, the profit slowly come back and now registered positive in my trust account.

Stocks in hand: - Resort, Resort CI, SMI, Hovid and Hovid-WA.

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