Saturday, June 13, 2009

Resort-CH, Hovid-WA and Bjcorp-LC

Something is funny on my stock list. Most of them are registered low volume and did not give any surprise on this rally. I just want to say "At this moment, chose right for playing contra stock is difficult" . Maybe I am stupid and did not capture the pulse of the market. Basically, Now I am lost the direction.

When this situation happen on me. Usually I will temporary quit and stay away for while. But, if everytime I do the same. It will cause more difficult to understand more on market momentum. I am just trying capture some data and help me knowning more about that.

The above selection did not bring me big gain but it maybe can help me face the heavy adjustment. So, use the minimum money to learn some move of the market is valuable.

Stocks In hand: - Resort -CH, Hovid -WA and BjcorpLC

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