Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week End

As last week, analyst still give another warning on KLSE equity market going to adjustment but such news already repeat last few weeks. One day they might right. This is same as some one buying in one counter when it had adjustment. Every level he bought it and hope for tomorrow rebound.

Why ordinary people wants to guess future? Because its bring a lot of fun and exciting. They trusted everything will go difference way when somethings continues happen on one way. Usually I also believe that but I am always prefer not to against it. I am wait and patient during such situation happen if I am not in the same boat.

I do not want waste my bullet and waiting the right time join in. Now, my point of view on KLSE equity market is simple. Buy in when market has an adjustment and ignore any fear in your mind. The fear always attach in my heart but market would not followed. There have their agenda to achieve. Hence, overcome the fear in you mind before you step in.

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