Friday, June 19, 2009

Cut Lose ?

A good idea for those stocks recently continue climbing the high price. Why recently I am not recommend buying those stock because most of them hardly to know about their support. But I am face problem on that because such impact spread over to my selected stocks.

Of course, now in the market you are easily listen a lot of people claimed the big lose. I am still searching some funds to settle it and provided such stocks should come back their support level only can buy.

My own opinion is, market index continue move to new level but a lot of hot stocks will continue adjustments. TM, Axiata, Genting, Maybank, Commerce, Resort will continue hit the new high and support index higher than 1095. But it would not brings any happiness to me, because they are slow and steady. They won't run fast and rally will using relay style to hit higher.

I believe such stocks help index hit another 50 to 80 points until 6 of july. That is a time new member on FBMKLindex take over the place.

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