Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Bad Day

As you are noted, most of my stocks hit low and finally cut lose with recorded big lose. Market index looks the support and at 3.30pm had found it. KLSE equity finally closed at off low at down 17 points. But there is good news, most of the hot volume stocks stop at higher level when compared with day low.

But KLSE market has a good potential to move up and giving new investors join in to this rally. Of course, market should deliver some profit to specific party. Maybe this round I was a loser. Temporary kick out me until I have settle the outstanding accounts.

Today after market was closed, I just calculated my lose. There are registered about 30k. Now, must pay to broking firm first in order tomorrow can continue trading.

My stocks in hand: - Pmetal and Hovid –WA.


Mike Forex Cable said...

I am shock u lost 30k. U should seriusly consider futures, FKLI & FCPO. A least u can make/loose money whether the market moves up or down. U can check out my blog http://daytradingfkli.blogspot.com/

Digital said...

Loss or profit depends on when you buy and when you sell and which counter you buy too. Am not sure how you select the stock but guess something is wrong with your selection. One thing, try to do your own study and never follow those recommended by the analyst or someone else unless you know the stock well. By the time the analyst recommend it, someone already hold it at high price and try to sell to you. Likewise if you go FKLI/FCPO, you will face the same problem too...when to long and when to short...unless you understand the market well and TA as well....it is not easy but all things can be learn.

Unknown said...

Everybody tries to be a stock guru, telling other what to buy or sell. Think about it, if they are so good, why wastes time blogging. I still believe in the "random walk theory". Bursa gives the golden rule, trade according to the trend and it has become my cornerstone.
I believe strongly that our kind soul does not wish to lose 30K, wish him luck to recover the lost, we should practice esprit de corps in the blogging fraternity.