Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zero Stocks In Hand

Market player have move to 2nd board and I am just lose touch on it. It does not means I am quit from that, I am still in the market but temporary stop trading because of big lose. Broking firm temporary will stop my order although I am willing to buy.

Speculator always had this problem. Because usually do not have stocks in hand be held by trading account to justified or support the account. Of course, I have select some stock for you are but seems like my selection recently delivery bad result. So, just take as a guide and do not through big investment on that.

My selection are : UDSCap (2nd board), PMetal and Hovid -WA.

Market would not perform as per analyst's prediction because next week most of the bull chip will start its rally to qualify be one of the FBMKLINDEX30 member. Furthermore investors forum will start by local and foreign funds manager. In order to meet the requirement of valuation by foreigner, Government purposely press down some stock to attract their attention. Like Resort, Genting, Axiata and IOICorp.

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