Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mobif, TM, Eden Iris and Resort

Ramunia –Wa and SAAG –WA given me some gain to minimise my loss. I am lucky enough and that’s mean the new strategy is working. Now, use the same strategy buy in Resort, TM, Iris and Eden.

Of course, it will incur a big capital and high risk. Overall performance of KLSE equity market registered mixed. Today market support by penny stocks and I believed tomorrow heavy weight counter.

My losses still haven’t covered and mark as negative. I have hard working on it and try to minimise it. Now, another problem is I could not buy big volume because most of the price has higher. That is difficult and restricted my plan to trade faster.

My stocks in hand : -Mobif, TM, Eden Iris and Resort

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Unknown said...

Hold your horses, mate.
Looking at performance of regional markets, looks like game is over unless FTSE and Dow go higher tonite which is unlikely. You mentioned KLSE index to reach 1080. Well, we are almost there so say bye bye now
before you are caught.