Monday, June 8, 2009

Muhibah, Johan, Bjcorp-LC, oilCorp and Silver-WA

Most of the stocks above mentioned had hit positive but finally closed at low. Market seems like weak due to external market issue. Actually when talking about the fundamental, a lot of stocks been over value. But whenever on the bulliest, certain things must ignore it.

So, I want be a speculator mainly due to that. Because I am just care about price difference within a day or within in few days. Stocks should not stay in my list longer. Indeed, if the stock hit higher I will miss it.

Minimise lose and minimum profit always happen in my speculating journey. No regret, No dissappointing as well as no turn around view onto the lower price. After today hit in or out, my stocks in hand changed : - Muhibah, Johan, Bjcorp-LC, oilCorp and Silver-WA.

As usual, the above stocks still marked at lose but hope can recover it soon.

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