Monday, June 15, 2009

Pmetal, Bjcorp-LC, Resort-Ch and Hovid-WA

People in doubt I am continue buying shares especially those with empty stocks in hands. Actually that is bad for waiting people died first later you take it. Normally, if the stocks broke the support, it will drop until you won't believed. Like previously happen on Transmile and PECD. Recently also got few counter happen the same transaction, ie Computg and MNS.

Investors always trusted the previous record is the good guidance for them. But it was seem like happen on one or two specific cases only. Most of them will disappear in the market after the heavy adjustment. Or maybe just given you some recovery and then stop it at that level.

As I always mentioned here, You should trade the stocks by way of faithful. In you heart please do not expect or hope others people lose. The stocks will treat you good and telling you the facts. Honest and sincere are the basic term be a good speculator.

In the equity firm, most of my friend knowing me what stocks I hold at what price. That is nothing to hide it as well as they have never been steal yours in hand stocks away from you list.

Today 2nd and 3rd line stocks finally have a little bit adjustment but whether is a big adjustment coming. I could not capture any negative data from today market transaction. I just can assume tomorrow open is low on those stocks, market soon can be recovered. Otherwise, 2nd and third liner stocks need to rest another few days more.

My stocks in Hand facing a big lose and hope can recover. Resort-CH, Pmetal, Bjcorp-LC and Hovid-WA

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