Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Bad day

Another bad day on me. KLSE market hit me again and registered another lose. I couldn't escape that because it was fast and heavy. Especially Resort-CH.

Market still searching the support but hard to obtain it because 5 days and 10 days averaging been broke. So, every level of every stock facing heavy delivery. However, market one day can reach the level. Just depends on individual people ability on holding power. Or enough money to roll over on every adjustment.

I am understand some remises having a problem to allow customer buy in although you had settle the debts. So, some one need to average the stocks might faced difficult. Limited limit on such broker will ban you continue buy in because some others will owing the debts to particular one.

I have been blur and should not recommend any one follow my stocks. That is dangerous and brought you in trouble. As a reference my stocks in hand are: - Resort _CI & CH

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