Sunday, June 14, 2009


Why we wants to play shares? Why we want to select this game? Why we want keep on throw money inside?

Actually when you are born you have no choice to accept the activities in the world. A lot people said shares investment can allow you to wait you capital come back when facing adjustment. This theory has give many of people trusted. It has happen and always happen. So, people select that because of hope it can be the same happen.

In order to fulfil such theory, people was classified me as speculator because I won't trust such theory. I am believe if you never realise the profit, it is not belonging to you. Forever or no longer or not even belongs to you.

Refer to last week transaction, over bought in the market theory still commented by our best and intelligent economist/analyst. I do not care more about that, I just keep my eye on every single transaction going to happen until it has give me a bad signal. Otherwise, I won't stop buying.

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古小玉 said...

Bro, sure or not? Market look terrrible today and those penny stocks like "no energy" to move up. I am just watching and waiting for the heavy adjustment to buy.