Sunday, June 21, 2009

Restart Again

Monday, I am planning reinstate again my old stocks. Of course, it can say is dangerous. But no risk no gain. I am prefer buy in blue chip call warrant.

My target are: - TM-CI, Resort-CH and Measat and dataprep. Recently such stocks been adjusted heavily and now almost can reach the current support. After settle the outstanding at morning, I will jump in and buy.

KLSE market heavy adjustment on top volume stocks and spread the panic to others. If you continue searching their support level. It has to waste a lot of time and cost. Just ignore them and searching those stocks previous been heavy adjusted. So, it might be a good way to earn some money.

This round adjustment brought people imagine the same situation happen on last year Sep. But I could be brave to said that is totally difference. Please do not forget, last year started heavy adjustment from blue chip and follow by second liner stocks.

Current adjustment those blue chip still stood at 60 days higher and seems like no panic selling happen on it. The good show will presenting by heavy weight counter and hit new high of index. The above all is my own view by data support on KLSE. I do not know how many percent is correct but it has give me some confident buy in at Monday.

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