Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measat, SMI, Bjcorp-LC, Borneoil -WB, Silver -WA

KLSE equity market now concentrate playing those below 30 cents stock. Last 2 monts hot and famous stocks been temporary kick off. Hence, I have to say at here that market rally still continue.
Fund manager closely monitor those index link stock to maintain index points drift within at 5 points. Players should observe it before buying. If fund managers allow index link counter drop consistenly. Please stay away for while. As at today, there is no such impact on that happen in the kLSE equity market.
Due to the direction of market been changed. So, I have been selected one stock named SMI to follow market trend.
Today, I was lose some money in the market. I am disappointed on that but won't stop me buy in. My stocks in Hand: - Measat, SMI, Bornoil-WB, Silver-WA and BJcorp-LC.

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