Monday, June 29, 2009

Lose money day

Today, dataprep-wb and Emico not perform well. Both counter closed at negative and I must cut lose and play other counters. I had tried bought in Time and Dbhd. Finally both counter delivered me some contra gain to offset my lose.

Market's confident haven't back and continue registered low volume. It has given a warning to player. Please do not hold more position in hand. Sometime I wants to be a eagle but finally found that I am a chicken. Stand there and allow the egale eating me.

My streamyx service still has a problem. So, I must wrote fast and short note at here. Otherwise. the connection will gone and can not post it.

Tomorrow is another day for me to searching back my 30k. I hope I can select a good one and recover my lose. By the way, I found that those oil stocks no more giving any profit at now. I believe this will continue 5 days more. So, whoever like to play oil related stocks must be very careful.

If your are dare, please select some 2nd board stocks and keep it for while. Maybe the super stock is hidden at there.

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