Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TM, Resort and Johan

KLSE equity market last 15 minutes hit down and closed at negative 8 points. Most of the high volume counter never gave us a surprise move. Why market perform as this way? Is it prediction by reader at here is right and confirm it will go down soon?

I am personally disagree those comment because as at today, my data in hand never shown that. Although my account is negative but it only reflected my selection on stock is wrong. Usually market have an heavy adjustment, index counter will not have support. It will hit down 2 or 3 support level in 1/2 days. But so far market index counter did not perform on such way. So, I have classify it as correction.

At today, why my selection stocks have changed to heavy weighted stocks. I am just guess, new PM of Malaysia going to have 1st time celebration birthday ceremony with our country Agong on Saturday. Furthermore, the above said counter having a small correction in last 5 days. Maybe that is a right time have a small rebound on it.

My stock in hands: -TM-CI , TM, Johan and Resort.

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