Tuesday, September 8, 2009

907, 911, 915 & 918

The above number not provided for your are to bet at Magnum or Toto. The above 3 numbers are bad day. Investors still remember last year September 15. Lehman Brothers asked for Bankruptcy protection. It was started the financial crisis and badly hit the world economic. September 11, US faced attack.

September 18, is my eldest brother pass away anniversary date. September 7, I had received unfavourable judgement from court. As an ordinary human being after found most of bad things happen on specific month. Your are start caution on these specific month.

In Malaysia, one popular game named it 4 digit. Just select any 4 digit and buy it from PMP, Magnum and Toto. If you strike it correctly, you will receive some money. 3 difference draw control by three listed company. If I am not mistake, 3 companies join up the turnover per annum amounted 3 billion. On the other hand, the underground business(black market) on these is more than double of their turnover.

Manipulate economic activities bring wealth by certain group of people. Hence, specific date for them means specific trade. No one happy collect some bad memories inside the brain. But no such number or date, means you are pass away and forever loss all yours right in the future.

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