Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black & White

A famous song sing by MJ named Black & White. He was passed away in this year. In the shares trading, A Black Knight or White Knight still take an important role for shares trading. Both of them can turn the shares price up and down. They have strong approach skill and well know market trend. They have own strong analyst on valuation of assets. They have strong manipulate the assets become valuable. Without them market shares price do not have such attractive.

Speculators must well know both of them. Especially their character. Because they can provide a ground for you earn some money from that. The same skill or tactic or method of approach on certain company affected the shares price.

On the current market situation, you are hardly accept those analyst report. They have wrote a very good report to support their own holding. All nonsense and inmaterial data were written in their report. Please do not trust them.

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