Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Return

After China last week hit down about 6.7 %, most of market strong rebound. HK come back 21,000 and Malaysia broke 1,200 points. If you had collect some shares during adjustment. Now you should have good return.

Sometime effort was there but not 100% guarantee the return is good. Perhaps you are not accept it as fact but as a human being you must know fail also is your good experience or achievement. Yesterday, I went to shares firm and make some prediction.

I had predicted KurAsia broke and touched 655 cents and close at high. The final result shown I am wrong, it was registered close at 6.15 cents. Why?

This final results out of my prediction because I was not refer the previous transaction and its history price. Just go there and make a simple prediction. The data in front of me was mislead me and the facts was covered.

Equity market should not based on current beautiful move to decide the step. It should be refer the overall performance and sentiment to identify the rally or adjustment.

Yesterday experience had told me, Do not be a reporter simple wrote some article and use it for fill in the blank on newspaper.

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