Friday, September 4, 2009


When I was young. I had read a lot of books. The books give me some knowledge and always remind me be a human must keep aggressive on your life. Never give up when your are facing problem. In the equity market, it has further guidance me more the meaning of life.

There are teaching me,
a) do not dream
b) Be brave
c) Be patient
d) Not compare with people
e) Not gridy

Its continue giving me more and more lesson. When I won or lose, there keep on teaching me a new lesson. An investor must own a dream to purchase a stock can contribute double or triple return. This is motivation on you to start learning the skill and keep up study the report. In fact, there is no many people can understand the data in the report.

If your are a speculator, What is the lesson he should learn it? Speculator must learn double or triple times on every report. Every single share price movement must well know than others. They will keep on asking Why? Why? Why? Price drop must ask why. Price up must ask why. Speculator must have enough time to capture the movement of share price. Speculator must make a decision before the chat appearing any signal to buy in or sell off.

Hard! Hard! Hard!

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ininvestor said...

Patience is a virtue, I do day trading where I keep my positions for just a few hours or day and I have to say sometimes I have to wait for day to find a single profitable trade, despite me trading shares, commodities and currencies.