Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In this world, I am believe a lot of good and high educated people better than me. In the middle of road when a poster drop from sky, it may hit many people who own PHD/Doctor certificate . That is possible. But I am wondering some people if he has classified himself high standard as so. Why he is interesting come to people blog make noisy but can't even post some good article for people read and as reference. Unlucky I have found one.

They just hidden behind and make noise. Like my blog , a fellow named SBJCO come here giving me some advice. But he have never link up any blog for me to study his article. Maybe he is very smart but I am wondering why he wants to select my blog and read. He should avoid my blog when he thinks I am lower standard than him.Of course, I want to be improve my skill but I also hope someone can giving me some guide/reference. I been hoping a teacher stand in front of me instead of cover his face and non stop criticise.

Like a dog never watching a pig how to survive. Like a normal people won't interesting on a Begger's life unless he is same standard as him.

I am admit a lot of people want to be number one in the world. Like a speculator always aim for daily income touch million by hit a counter. But he won't go to compare with poor people. He will select some top skill people to fight. Otherwise become low class.

As a Malaysian, I am shameful when our government select some low class standard country to compare and telling us we are better than them. If one day I can achieve somethings in my life, I think I should looking forward instead of use own skill to step off people.

In the equity market, I had saw a group of people silently prayed certain stocks coming down. And then he/she jump in and bought it. Final result is, he/she get burn more funds than others. Good speculating way is pray all the shares move substantially, (You Happy , So Everybody Happy.)

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