Friday, September 11, 2009


When your holding stocks are penny stocks, you are now feel disappointed. The KLSE index was broke 1,200 and those penny stock cuurent price was registered lower than when market hit 1100 at month of June 2009.
What should you do at now? Cut it or Wait? There is no proper answer on that. I am just aware if still hold such stocks in hand, the risk percentahe become higher.
Usually ordinary people would like to compared with someone. Like now you are holding RM100,000 at bank. You used to compared with those people who had earn multiple time of return on same value on past 20 years ago.
They forgotten one important factor. During those day he did not have 100,000.00 in hand. Because he still need to pay instalment on his house. That is stupid way of comparison.
Furthermore, his friend never told him RM100,000 for him maybe represented about 5% of his total wealth. So, any things happen on past 20 years, he still can survive with others saving.
Think it proper, before your are decided jump into the same boat.

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