Friday, September 4, 2009


As blogger at here, actually happy reader or visitor come here to obtain some info. I am well know surfing internet can help individual improved. I had frequently used it as my dictionary. In the internet world, some equity data update sharp and accurate. Compared with them, I am low class at here. Like Stockq, most of the famous world index been update by 15 minites and support some chart for reviewing.

Today, I had read Nanyang press newspaper and found a article telling bullshit. But wondering he has received a award from Securities Commission. The writer said when he was 15 years old been started traded and buying Union Paper. He further added most of investors gone to Bursa and crying at there. If your are traded more than 20 years, Your are aware he was lie.

During that time, Hua Tai was a king. If i am not mistake, it was hit above 200 per share. Autoway and Omega are a corn case. How come he only indicated Union Paper brought him suffering. Furthermore if he only 15 years old, he should holding in trust. Is it his parent allow him bought in speculator stock. In my mind, this all are questions.

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wm said...

Can you translate the nanyang article? Want to know how he get his glory?